Just over twenty years ago Julia Cameron helped usher me onto a new path with her creative teachings  in her book, the Artist's Way.

Our journey through this life is a mixture of peaks and valleys, twists and turns, comings and goings...and the list goes on. And through it all, I found my way back to her book six months ago. Within one week of writing, whatever came to mind, my 'morning pages', as Cameron calls them - wondrous events occurred. Three of these - a exhibition date at the VPAG, a visual presentation date at OPUS and reestablishing my relationship with Mountain Galleries - were physical manifestations of what I had written and verbally expressed to others.  Enlightening. A quickening.  An opening to focus and engage more fully in my art practice and life.

Cameron writes, "Morning pages map our own interior. Without them, our dreams may remain incognito." Thank you for your insight, wisdom and sharing, Julia! This is just the beginning (again)...


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